Soil Investigation by Means of HDD Wells

Within the project SuedLink MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG aA carries out three horizontal soil investigations by means of pilot drillings between Bad-Sooden-Allendrof and Langenhain Wehretal, Germany. The self-developed fully electric driven horizontal drilling rig HDD45-E is used here.

HDD45-E and HPP400-E in progress
HDD45-E and HPP400-E in progress
HDD45-E and HPP400-E in progress

Transnet BW has decided to execute horizontal exploration drillings in solid rock as basis for the implementation planning of the powerline SuedLink. MAX STREICHER is responsible for the exploration of the soil reaction during a drilling phase and also to close cavities in rock using Lost Circulation Material (LCM) to ensure a permament mud circulation.
Two wells with lengths of approx. 390 and 510 metres have already been carried out successfully. Arising mud losses within rock were closed effective by using LCM. The third well is currently executed.

The drilling rig HDD45-E has fully demonstrated its performance and efficiency during the previous drillings. Together with the fully electric mud pump HDD400-E, which is also used within this project, a sustainable and future-focused site concept is achieved. The horizontal soil investigations are carried out by wired locating technology (Sence and ParaTrak) as well as by a 5 inch mud motor with a 61/2“ PDC chisel. After finishing the horizontal soil investigations the drilled hole will be closed by insulating material.