STREICHER Ecotec Products

Proven in Practice and Future-focused

A real alternative to conventionally operated construction machines – these are the ecotec products from STREICHER.
They impress with safety, environment friendly technology, sustainability and cost-efficiency.

An overview of all ecotec products you find here within our
product line brochure.

HDD-E Series - Fully Electric Driven Horizontal Drilling Rigs

The entire drive system of the HDD-E series was designed to be fully electric. Besides the high efficiency rate the products convince by numerous advantages...
The HDD80-E has already received multiple awards...


German Innovation Award 2022

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PW150-E - Electric Welding Tractor

The drive system of the welding tractor PW150-E was developed on an electric basis. Thus, energy consumption, emissions and operating and maintenance costs can be noticeably reduced...

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VC70 - Vacuum Crawler

In order to make the removal of a wide variety of soil materials more efficient and less damaging to people and the environment, STREICHER has developed the vacuum crawler VC70...

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