Vacuum Crawler Proves Itself on Duty in Spa Resort Bad Füssing/Germany

On behalf of Bayernwerk MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG aA carried out an extensive exchange of cables in the center of Bad Füssing.

Vacuum Crawler VC70 on Duty
Vacuum Crawler VC70 on Duty

Due to numerous existing lines and the execution within spa sectors the self developed vacuum crawler VC70 (ecotec product line) was used for the trench excavation. Thus, in case of the open trench sectors (with a length of 480 m) stones could be removed environmentally friendly and the roots could be saved. As according to the building authorities no asphalt has to be opened and moreover rest period regulations are valid within the spa resort three horizontal directional drillings with a total length of 260 m were necessary for the laying of the cables.

Within the execution period from 28th August until 19th September 2023 approx. 500 m of low voltage cables, 800 m of medium voltage cables and 800 m of casing pipes (diameter da 50) were carried out in total.