Electric Welding Tractor PW150-E

Flexible and Environment-friendly


Modular Structure and sustainable

The climate protection requires new solutions - also in the sector of construction machines. Therefore the drive system of the PW150-E was developed on an electric basis.
Thus, energy consumption, emissions as well as operating and maintenance costs can be noticeably reduced...


  • The drive system is realised by two electric motors. The in-house developed type only needs one motor to generate energy.
  • The chassis frame and the drive components are customised to one another so that a high-ground clearance is provided. The welding tractor is highly adaptable for all terrains and is suitable for all requirements in the field of pipeline construction.
  • The track units are designed with large track shoes to significantly reduce the ground pressure for high standards of environmental protection.
  • Operating personnel are enabled the highest precision of control with the electric drive to operate the welding tractor while running the tractor unit even on steep terrains. The safety brakes of the PW150-E have an automatic opening and closing mechanism so that the machine cannot unintentionally roll off the terrain.



  • Lifting crane, power generation, transport boxes and power distributors for the welding process are all integrated on the platform of the welding tractor. The PW150-E also offers sufficient space and mounting options for further relevant welding equipment.
  • A particularly prominent feature of this welding tractor is its control system by radio remote control. The crane and the drive system can be intuitively operator-controlled. There is no need to switch between otherwise separated remote-controls. This provides favorable operating conditions for a more time-efficient and responsive project work. The operator can choose his or her location for an optimal field of vision, providing the highest level of safety for all participatory working personnel.
  • The PW150-E furthermore impresses with its cost-efficient design. With the electrical design of the welding tractor, maintenance costs can be reduced to a minimum. The operating costs can thereby be significantly cut along with a reduced energy consumption.


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 7.50 x 2.95 x 3.14 m
  • Transport weight: 17 t
  • Supplementary payload: 2.7 t
  • Ground clearance: 0.60 m
  • Fording depth: 1 m
  • Rotation radius: 0 m
  • Ground pressure: 470 g/cm²
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C up to +45°C  

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