Green Technology for the Future

Products with Ecotec Label

Reducing Emissions, Pushing Environment Protection...

The industrial landscape is changing rapidly because the requirements for safety and efficiency are constantly increasing. In recent years, the issues of the environmental protection and nature conservation – and thus also the question of regenerative energy sources – have become particularly important. STREICHER also holds the objective to reduce CO2 emissions in the future in order to counteract climate change. Therefore, STREICHER has made it a primary objective to reduce the ecological footprint by launching own products that are driven electrically among others. The many years of practical
experience and the multilayered competences within the company group are providing support in integrating the new technologies into related modifications and new developments.

These efforts are summarised under a separate, appropriate label called ecotec. In line with the goal of decarbonisation, the ecotec label combines innovative technologies with future-focused trends and essentially combines the issues of resource conservation, environment protection, energy efficiency and optimisation of the entire energy cycle.

Besides the fully electric driven HDD-E rigs STREICHER has already brought the following products with ecotec label to marketability – a fully electric driven mud pump, that can be used in combination with the HDD-E rigs, electrically driven welding tractors, that are especially on duty within pipeline construction as well as vacuum crawlers, that are used for the efficient removal of soil materials. In line with our goal we also offer retrofit services.