Wells for water pipeline below the (river) Danube

In order to guarantee the drinking water supply for the city Bogen (Germany) an interconnector is currently being carried out between Bogen and the harbour area Straubing-Sand...

HDD80-E on duty
HDD80-E on duty
HDD80-E on duty

To achieve this, the pipeline first crosses under the small river Kinsach and afterwards below the Danube. MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG aA executes the necessary drillings on behalf of Stadtwerke Bogen and Bayernwerk Netz GmbH.

The smaller drilling with a length of 200 m below the Kinsach has already been completed. At the moment both drillings with a length of 800 m each are being carried out below the Danube. They have a distance of 10 m from each other. For this project the inhouse developed fully electric drilling rig HDD80-E with a thrust load of 80 t is once again deployed. Besides its significant CO2 reduction, the rig also convinces by its low noise pollution. During its operation the HDD80-E is being supplied via the public power grid.

After finishing the wells, a steel pipe DN 200 or rather DN 400 will be fed in. The pipe DN 200 will be used as cable conduit, whereas the pipe DN 400 will be used as conduit for the new water pipeline. The execution is scheduled from August until November 2021.