HDD80-E on duty

Drillings in rough terrain in Switzerland

HDD80-E on duty in Switzerland

MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG aA has rent the self-developed fully-electric driven horizontal drilling rig HDD80-E to Schenk AG Heldsil for carrying out drillings in Switzerland.

Within this project two drillings for a district heating pipeline of the Stadtwerke Sankt Gallen (Switzerland) are carried out in parallel. Each drilling has a length of 400 m with a final diameter of 800 mm. The drilling head measurement with a covering up to 60 m is guaranteed by a gyroscope. After expansion of the bore hole the PE sleeve pipe (outside diameter 630 mm) will be pulled in.

During the drilling process three railway lines – amongst others the main connection St. Gallen / Zurich / Geneva – are crossed. Moreover, the drillings cross parts of a residental area.
The challenging drillings are executed inner-city within confined spaces and alternating changes in geology (earth deposits, swelling clay to marl rocks). Due to these conditions the HDD80-E can exploit its advantages: low noise and emissions exposure, compact design and power. Furthermore, the intuitive operating system has once more convinced. Via modem the digital drilling data as well as the measurement parameters are transmitted for analysis to the surveyors in Heldswil.